What Is A CNC Machining?

What Is A CNC Machining?

CNC machines are usually used in an industrial plant and manufacturing community, yet what does the acronym CNC means, and definition of a CNC machine is?

The acronym CNC means computer numerical control, it define as differentiating manufacture operation which usually implement computerized, innovative controls and machining tools to subtract stratum of material from a large piece to product a fashioned designed output.

It operation is required for many materials such as foam, nylon, plastics, steel, metal’s, wood and composite, and useful in various industrial application like large CNC machining service.

However, when using the word machine itself, the CNC machine means a manufacturing operation programmed automatically to perform activities of the factory tools and machinery. Hence, the process and the machine are different.

Outline of CNC machining operation.

The process starts from the numerical control machining that uses stroked tape cards, it a process of utilizing automated controls to facilitate and regulate machine and factory tools to cut large materials such as metals, foam etc into a well fashion design.

Moreover, the CNC machining process includes different ability and operation. The CNC machining process includes some various stages which are outline below.

· The CAD modeling designing

· CAD file converted to a CNC program

· CNC machine prepared

· The machine process is executed

Designing of model CAD

The CNC machining services starts with creating a 2D vector or 3D solid part built in the company or designed by the CAD/CAM designing Service Company. Manufacturer and designers render their products with various necessary technical specs to produce their model to the computer aided design (CAD) software for proper and adequate functionality.

In addition, the characteristics of the various materials that is machined, tool designing of the machine determines its design capability which include the least part thickness, and part size.

After the CAD model has been designed, we then export it inside the CNC compatibles such as STEP.

Conversion of CAD File

The CAD design file formatted will then be test run through a program, usually through computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software to remove the geometry part and initiates the programming code which operate the machine and facilitate the tooling to produce well fashioned designed parts.

It uses different programming code such as G-CODE and M-CODE. But the most renown one is the G-CODE which dictate when, where, how the machine tools controls such as when to switch off or on, which direction to follow, etc.

On the other hand, the M-CODE which means miscellaneous code helps to control the auxiliary part of the machine such as automatic changing of the cover at the beginning and at the end of production.  Immediately, the CNC program is initiated, the operator runs it.

Setting up the machine

Prepare the CNC machine for operation before the operator runs it.  These involve some necessary preparation such as attaching the tooling machine, e.g.  Drill bits and end mill to the required machine compartment. After setting it up, the operator will then start running the program.

Executing the machining operation

It follows the instruction stated in the program; it allows the machine to command the tools action and integrated machine movement, which operates and facilitate the machine tooling. Starting the program initiates the CNC machine to start the CNC machining service.

Finally, the program guides the machine to produce a well fashioned output as it executes all necessary operations of the machine.

Moreover, the CNC machining service can be performed inside the house, if they can maintain it properly or can be obtained from a reputable, experienced manufacturer and supplier such as qbmetaltech.

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